Local nurse says COVID death threat is real in Monroe

A local nurse practitioner braced her family for the possibility of death after her 14-year-old went to dance practice last week and came back COVID positive. She said she relaxed her guard because of phase two reopenings but is now having a death talk with her husband and family members. The following is her warning to the public. 

By Tiana Williams, PSY.D., APRN FNP-C, PMHNP-BC

I was hit hard with a reality yesterday (June 22) as I had to discuss dying with my 14-year-old daughter.

You see, she woke me and told me she felt like she had a fever and her body hurt. I took her to a clinic forty miles away because in Monroe and West Monroe, Louisiana there was no rapid test available. I needed a rapid test because since phase two began, I allowed my daughter to go to dance practices.

This means she was in contact with maybe 100 or more girls, family members of all ages, and health conditions, and strangers at our local grocery store. Initially, I didn’t allow my children into large groups and I limited them to contact with family only. She nor anyone in our family were sick when there were no phased openings.

I let my guard down because for a moment I thought, just maybe, it was ok to g…

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