About Us


Monroe Free Press began in 1969 as information outlet of the local Civil Rights Movement. It was a single sheet flier distributed to inform residents about stores that discriminated against blacks, those that were equal opportunity and announced meetings, rallies and demonstration plans. In December of 1969 the flier was called the “Rapping Black” and changed over the years to its present name “Monroe Free Press.” It was published by Roosevelt Wright, Jr., who was 20 years old, and a youth leader of the local civil rights movement.


Our mission to advocate change, expose corruption, and challenge policies and practices that make it difficult for the disenfranchised to enjoy the pursuit of happiness.


The publication and its online component is owned by the Wright Family of Monroe, La. : Roosevelt Wright, Jr, Joslyn Adams Wright, Kita Kenyatta Wright, Roosevelt Wright, III, and Robert K. Wright. – There are no other bond holders, partners or stake holders in the publication.