Two arrested for attempted murder as violence continues

Two men were booked on second-degree murder charges Wednesday after a South Monroe shooting spree-Monday. The shootings are another in a growing string of shootings in South Monroe that come as the mayor of the city, in his re-election campaign, claims that violence in Monroe is on the decline.

  The Southside also experienced a shooting on Winnsboro Road, but no one was injured; another suicide in Parkview all on the heels of five murders and a suicide two weeks ago in South Monroe.

The two men charged with attempted second-degree murder were Derrick Brown, 20, and Malech Rucks, 21.

   According to the MPD, it happened on June 22, 2020, in the 900 block of Luther Dr.

   Police say Brown reportedly threw a brick at the victims who were in a vehicle. When the victims attempted to confront Brown he told his brother to “blow that bitch head off.”

After that, the police report says Malech Rucks, Demarion Brown and Shanterrious Anderson produced guns and multiple shots were fired.

The victims said Anderson and Derrick Brown had pistols and Rucks had a Draco assault rifle.

   The police report says that’s when fire was returned. No one was hit by the gunshots but there was damage to the victim’s vehicle.

As many as 14 shell casings were found near the area.

   The arrest records say there were two victims in this investigation that returned fired at the suspects in self-defense and that there were other people in the cars when they were being fired at.

    Rucks and Brown were arrested and charged in connection with the incident.