The 15-year, $24 million fight between Adrian Fisher and Billy Foster continues

For 15 years Billy Foster has kept Adrian Fisher in court, claiming that Fisher cheated him out of millions of dollars with the help of influential friends. Fisher denies Foster’s claims and says the courts have settled in his favor and he will divvy up when the courts say so.

A dispute between two men who started a company together 18 years ago has soured into a 15-year court battle that left one shepherding millions of dollars and the other claiming he’s been cheated

Over two decades ago, Billy Foster and Adrian Fisher enjoyed a friendship between an older man and a bright, enterprising young man.

Together, they dreamed of starting a business that would provide Medicare-based mental health services with a potential million-dollar payout.

They were the perfect fit, Foster was outgoing and aggressive, and Fisher was comfortable out of the limelight managing accounts.

Fisher’s Failed first attempt

One of Fisher’s first attempts at business was a used car dealership called Fisher-Harris Used Cars. His partner, Terrance Harris, was the aggressive go-getter, and Fisher kept the books. The Louisville Avenue location and the team’s ability to help just…

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