Supreme Court ruling could mean Black congressman from North Louisiana

An Analysis:

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Monday that Louisiana’s congressional map must be redrawn to create a second majority-Black district is a major victory for Black voters in the state. That revives a faint hope that the new district could come from North Louisiana.

The map in question was drawn by the Republican-controlled Louisiana Legislature in 2021. The map has only one majority-Black district, even though Black people make up about 30% of the state’s population. This means that Black voters have less of a say in who represents them in Congress.

The Supreme Court’s ruling sends the case back to a lower court, which will now be responsible for redrawing the map. The lower court will likely consider plans submitted by the Legislative Black Caucus, which has proposed two maps that would create a second majority-Black district.

One of the maps proposed…

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