Southside Shootout hospitalizes man who preaches against violence

Damian Coleman, a Southside Street Preacher, has been preaching against violence in all of Monroe’s hotspots and halls of government. Saturday he was accidentally shot twice in a shootout on So. 2nd Street. He survives and plans to continue preaching against violence in tough neighborhoods.

Gun violence claimed another victim Saturday, but this time it was the street preacher who has been talking against violence in South Monroe.

Damian Coleman, a reformed murderer, drug dealer, user, and street preacher, was shot Saturday as he inadvertently found himself in the middle of a shootout between two Southside groups.

The shootout involved multiple gunshots fired from various pistols and automatic weapons, and the street preacher found himself shot twice but lived to tell about it.

What Happened?

Coleman said he went into a store located on South 2nd to buy a cold drink but noticed several young men standing outside of the establishment with weapons that included an AR15 with a 100 clip magazine and at least one Red 9mm with 30 round clip.

Instinctively, Coleman said he spoke to the young men saying, “My brother you can’t be out here with guns like that.” He said the young men…


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