Senate bill by Jackson could close case on Harris’ bogus 2010 conviction

If a bill sponsored by Senator Katrina Jackson becomes law, it could finally close the file on a wrongful conviction that wrongfully ended the political career of a former Richwood Mayor.

   Jackson is sponsoring SB 334 which will eliminate the crime of “attempted malfeasance in office” and allow anyone who was convicted of the crime to have their convictions set aside and records expunged.

   The law would apply all over the state but is a direct response to cases in Monroe in which state charges of  “attempted Malfeasance” were filed against Mayor Edward “Ed” Harris, in a career-ending vendetta.

    In 2010 Harris was charged with “Malfeasance” in Office after the board of Aldermen in Richwood paid him for 24 years of unused vacation time after his tenure as mayor ended. With the approval of the Aldermen, Harris wrote checks to pay himself over $50,000, and…

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