Pat Moore announces approval of highway lights for 165

Rep. Pat Moore announced this week that funding for a highway lighting project along Highway 165 has been approved.

Moore, who represents District 17 said State Department of Transportation announced funding for the two miles of highway lighting from Winnsboro Road to Richwood High school this week.

She said the funding culminates years of lobbying to help solve a problem with highway deaths along the highway.

While the funding for the project has been approved, it will be about two years before the lights actually go up, Rep. Moore said. She said work won’t begin for about 18 months.

In her official announcement she said:

“I want to first extend my condolences to Mr. Aaron Akins’s family.  My prayers go out to the Akins’ family and all of the families that have lost love ones on US 165 South.

My daughter, Victoria Moore Archangel, was killed in a car accident on Interstate 10 several years ago. Therefore, saving lives on our roads and highways is personal with me, and I promise as your state representative, that I will continue to work with local government and DOTD to address safety issues in our community and state.

“At the same time, I want to thank our local residents along US 165 South and the Town of Richwood for doing their part.  Last November, they voted to create a road lighting district in an effort to maintain the
lights if DOTD would extend lights from 165 South to Richwood High School.  Their commitment to tax themselves was not in vain.

“In working with DOTD and MPO, with the support of the Safety Fund Program, funding for the project has been approved. While funding has been recognized, it will take a minimum of 1/1/2 years to begin
the project.

“In the meantime, I want to encourage pedestrians to continue to practice safety while walking and crossing our roadways.