Moore sweeps all precincts for landslide victory in District 17 race

Pat Moore will become the new State Representative for District 17 after winning the runoff election by 63 percent in Saturday’s election.

Moore swept all 27 precincts in the district that takes in South Monroe, Richwood and parts of West Monroe.

Moore tallied 2,406 votes to her opponent’s 1,398.

The two candidates were vying for the vacated seat of former Representative Marcus Hunter who won election to the District Court last year, creating a vacancy. Saturday’s election fills out the remainder of Hunter’s term.

Just as soon as Moore settles in her seat in Baton Rouge she will have to run again in October for the full four-year term. She nearly won the seat outright last month falling short by 25 votes. However, Saturday’s voting didn’t fall short, she won by 1,008 votes.

After a day of rest, Moore was busy visiting projects she has been shepherding for Tanglewood as well as a new facility being constructed at the Ouachita Correctional Center.

“I want to make sure that this drainage project and other projects are completed. The people of Tanglewood need the help badly,” said Moore.

While Moore carried all 27 precincts, her largest support came from the Monroe precincts. At the 11 West Monroe precincts, she received a total of 369 votes or 74 percent of the votes cast in West Monroe. She carried all eleven precincts, but the West Monroe precincts only averaged about 3% turnout. Most of those who did turnout pulled the lever for Moore.

Moore carried four West Monroe Precincts by over 90 percent. The Alternative Center (93%) West Monroe City Hall (98%) City Hall 2 (90%) and River Bend School (95%).

Moore swept all of the Monroe Precincts by over 60%. The four largest percentages in the Monroe precincts were from: Shady Grove (69%), Emily Robinson Rec. (67%), Barkdull Faulk School (66%), Jefferson Upper Elementary (65%) and the Ouachita Court House (64%).

Monroe precincts averaged about 11 percent turnout, West Monroe only turned out about three percent on average.

Saturday night, Moore thanked all of her supporters and pledged to work hard for the district to earn their continued respect and support.

She fought an uphill battle for the victory because most of the Black Clergy supported her opponent and those who did support her would not do so publicly. In addition, Mayor Jamie Mayo and several members of the City Council also opposed her and helped raised money for her opponent. The Mayor even went to bars and clubs pushing his candidate.

Moore, who was cash strapped, won against a well-financed campaign that used social media, club DJ’s, street parties and dozens of canvass workers to turn out the vote.

Surrounded by loyal family members and volunteers, Moore often worked street corners and knocked on doors alone. She often put out her own signs and focused on doing her best “I hope God is pleased with my effort; he gave me the sign,” she said.

Moore said she was reluctant to get in the race because her husband faced a long hard bout with cancer. She said she prayed and asked God to give her a sign that it was in his will for her to run.

She told supporters that she waited for days for her sign, but heard nothing that was an undeniable sign from God. When she carried her husband to the doctor for his cancer consultation they both received the report that he was miraculously cancer free.

“That was my sign. We met with the family and prayed about it again,” then we decided to move. “I felt that God gave me the sign, it didn’t matter what opposition I might face, I would go forward. I wasn’t running against anybody, I believe God wants to position me at another level to do more for his people,” she said.

Her once cancer plagued husband helped her place signs, walk neighborhoods and talk to the people; his miraculous recovery was a walking sign of hope to all who knew his previous condition.

“I thank the voters for their confidence in me,” she said. “I won’t let them down.”

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  1. State Rep, Moore sounds beautiful to me. It doesn’t matter if ALL the Black Clergy and Mayor voted for the Devil himself, what God has for a person is for that person. I believe that’s why Monroe isn’t prospering. Because our Black leaders aren’t going for what is “TRUE”. They seem to go for what is right in their eye sights(There’s a way that seems right to man but its ending is death). But God has the final say so. Rep. Moore, you’re going to do just fine if you continue to pray to the true living God, thank the Lord Jesus Christ and listening to the Holy Spirit. Always remember, God sees the inner man(heart which is the spirit) and man looks at the outer appearance. Be Blessed!!!

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