Moore happy after approval of millions for Tanglewood flood relief

Pat Moore says 30 years of flooding is almost over after governor approves $3.5 million drainage project for Tanglewood

The residents of the Tanglewood Subdivision are one step closer to getting flood relief, thanks to an announcement from the governor’s office this week that more than $3.5 million will immediately be available to help solve the Tanglewood flooding problem.

That came as good news to Pat Moore, who represents Tanglewood on the Police Jury. Moore has been trying to get funding to solve the problem for over 10 years.

“I am so pleased and thankful to God for answering this prayer,” said Moore. She added that after the 2016 flood, she and other jurors began searching for more ways to solve the Tanglewood drainage problem. The biggest problem was always money.

The Police Jury has been working to solve the problem but it needed over $3 million to begin the job.

“I met with the five major property owners in the neighborhood, one who owns 90 houses, and we agreed that if we could get the drainage problem solved that they would reinvest in the houses they own in the neighborhood,” said Moore.

Most of the properties in the flooded neighborhood are boarded up and disrepair because of frequent flooding.

“I put them in touch with USDA and we worked to assure them that they could get loans needed to refurbish their properties,” said Moore. “We are talking about new life coming to Tanglewood,” said Moore.

Monday, the Police Jury approved its matching share of the funds necessary to get the project going.

“The people of this area have been dealing with this problem for over 30 years and it goes beyond just Tanglewood. It’s OCC, Pine Bayou, Lincoln Park, and Richwood,” said Moore.

She gave thanks to Governor John Bell Edwards for keeping his word to the residents. “When he came to Monroe, we brought residents to meet him to put a face on the problem. He saw the area and the people and promised help,” said Moore who added that Rep. Katrina Jackson, and former Rep. Marcus Hunter were invaluable in the push to get the funds.

The Police Jury intends to completely clean out Raccoon Bayou which drains Tanglewood. Water cannot flow because of debris and overgrown vegetation. In addition, Moore said there will be a levee built in Richwood on Brown Road and Temporary Portable Pump Stations will be utilized to help prevent flooding when necessary.

Phase one of the project is expected to begin this year.

“I’m so excited that God is answering this prayer. The people have worked so hard to try to save their neighborhood, but the frequent flooding makes it hard. Their hard work and faith is paying off,” said Moore.

Moore says she wants to do more to help the area. She is a candidate for State Representative in District 17 in next month’s run-off election. She missed outright election by 25 votes in a field of four candidates.