Is Reggie Brown being black balled from the being next police chief?

Is the Monroe Civil Service Board trying to exclude Reggie Brown from taking the police chief’s examination? Brown’s attorney’s think so, and Wednesday, October 25th they filed suit on his behalf to stop the exams until their client gets a fair shake.

   Brown, who serves as the Mayor’s executive escort, is generally believed to be the mayor’s favorite to fill the open position, but Brown’s attorney, Jessica Williams, says the board is making it obvious that it does not want Brown to be on the eligibility list, by excluding him taking the Civil Service Examination. 

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Brown’s suit claims that “the board lacks impartiality based on its friendship and loyalty with another applicant who also applied for entrance to this same test. …Good faith does not exist if the decision of the Civil Service Board was made arbitrarily and capriciously or as the result of prejudice or political expediency.”

Jessica Williams

    Explaining Brown’s position Williams said,


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