Happy 101st birthday to Mrs. Mildred Robinson!!!

Mrs. Mildred Robinson has witnessed a lot in her 101 years of life. She lived through some of the most significant U.S. events in the 20th and 21st centuries: World War II, Women’s Right to Vote, the Great Depression, the Assassinations of Kennedy & Dr. M.L. King, Jr., Passage of 1964 Civil Rights Act, Barack Obama as the 1st African American President, and the COVID-19 pandemic just to name a few. She has witnessed the evolution of science, medicine, and technology during her 101 years of life. Although much has changed throughout her life, Mrs. Robinson has remained the same. For 101 years, she has been a constant model of love, patience, kindness, and gentleness. A tireless warrior for God is who she has always been, continuously praying, studying, spreading, and living the Word of God. Mrs. Robinson encourages her family, as well as strangers to show love toward one another and lean on God. “If we just keep looking up to the good Master, He will fix it. He’s all we have and all we will ever need” are the words that she shares with all who will listen.

Standing strong for 101 years does not come without losses and challenges. Mrs. Robinson has endured the unfortunate deaths of her parents, seven siblings, husband, one child, two grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild BUT has been exceedingly and abundantly blessed with her living younger sister, nine children, twenty-six grandchildren, sixty-eight great-grandchildren, and seventy-two great-great-grandchildren who all love and adore her.

Mrs. Robinson is a beloved member of Mount Olivet Baptist Church in Monroe under the leadership of Pastor Oliver W. Billups, Jr. where she was a lifelong member of the Mother’s Board where her responsibilities included mentoring and assisting younger congregants within the church.

Mrs. Robinson celebrated her 101st birthday on October 4 surrounded by her family. She had her very first Zoom birthday celebration with Mayor Friday Ellis in attendance. Mayor Ellis honored Mrs. Robinson and proclaimed October 4, 2020, as “Mildred Robinson Day”.