City’s sanitation workers saluted as heroes in Black History salute

Members of the Tabernacle Baptist Church paid special tribute to the city’s “unsung heroes” Sunday in a special Black Heritage Celebration.

The 21 members of the city’s trash and ditching crew were saluted with a special morning of songs, prayers and words of praise for their dedicated service to the city.

Instead of plaques, sanitation workers who were present were given gift packages containing a variety of items including cologne, gift cards, food, sweets and other items from persons along their routes.

1 thought on “City’s sanitation workers saluted as heroes in Black History salute”

  1. Thank you Rev. Wright and the Tabernacle B.C. family. You all recognized that there are “heroes” right outside our front doors. Black history is made everyday. When you do it to the least, you do it to me, said the Lord. Thank you all again for the recognition of the Sanitation workers. Black Sanitation workers were part of Black History during the Civil Right Era, Feb 1968 in Memphis, TN

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