Chief Zordan’s cursing rant prompts police staff complaints

An unexpected act of vandalism at Monroe City Hall last Thursday has become the epicenter of a much larger controversy involving the city’s police chief.

Unidentified culprits shattered multiple windows of the City Hall building using a rock sourced from a memorial in front of the building. However, it was the aftermath of the incident that has truly shaken police department staff.

Immediately following the vandalism, a deputy city marshal from the Marshall’s office, located within City Hall, documented the incident. But when Monroe’s Mayor, Friday Ellis, reached out to Police Chief Victor Zordan for an update, Chief Zordan was blindsided by the fact that his department had not prepared a formal report on the episode.

Witnesses from within the department described Chief Zordan’s reaction as nothing short of explosive. The lack of immediate documentation and response on the part of his team seemingly ignited Zordan’s frustration, and he began what witnesses called a cursing rant. Sgt. Bishop bore the brunt of Zordan’s ire, with the Chief reportedly hurling…


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