Board approves new MLK in flood zone, with no black sub-contractors

Predominately Black Board grants $14.75 contract for new MLK to firm that will not use black or women subcontractors  

East Parkview residents are not happy with the city school board’s decision to build a new MLK middle school in an area that is projected to increase flooding and traffic in their neighborhood.

John Ethel Minnifield, a leader of the East Parkview community, surrounding Wossman High School has been leading a fight to stop the relocation of MLK to the area because studies showed the neigh


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1 thought on “Board approves new MLK in flood zone, with no black sub-contractors”

  1. So how did this happened? Did the School Board members listen to the citizens? Or did they decided they’re in charge? I thought the School Board members were working for the betterment of the black communities. Why would they allow a school to be built in a flood zone and in an area with traffic, which is probably, so congested? That tells me, things will never change for the best in Monroe. It doesn’t matter if the subcontractor is black or a woman. The problem is, it seems as though the school might be built in a flood zone. REALLY!!!

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