Betty Blakes endorses “Cocoa” Calvin for city council

Alicia “Cocoa” McCoy Calvin is a long name, and a lot to say in one breath, but former City Council Member Betty Blakes, says “Cocoa” is the best candidate for city council from District 3.

Blakes who served a term on the city council says Calvin has experience in government and is a storehouse of ideas and energy.

She said people in District 3 know her as “Cocoa” from the historic McCoy family that produced the likes of parish school board member Harold McCoy and present city council member Eddie Clark.

The McCoys are well known in the district and have a reputation for civic involvement, integrity. So Calvin promotes her entire name.

Blakes said there are many issues that will come before the council that will require a person to read, study, evaluate and ask questions before taking a position. She said she believes Calvin, a teacher, has both the education and knowledge about the workings of government to be an effective representative.

When Barack Obama became President in 2008, Calvin was a member of the campaign team and worked with members of Congress in Washington to help promote the Obama agenda.

Blakes said Calvin’s national experience means that she is not a political novice and is acquainted with the political process.

“I have faith that she will do a good job. I encourage all of those who know me to give her their support,” said Blakes.