Abrams encourages early detection to fight breast cancer

It’s important for both women and men to get checked to help fight the spread of breast cancer. 

That was the message of Beverly Abrams Sunday at the New Tabernacle Baptist Church as the church highlighted the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Abrams is a part of a local group called the Witness Project through which breast cancer survivors help promote cancer awareness and other help for cancer victims.

Abrams said she is an eight-year breast cancer survivor who at first refused mammogram testing. She said she did not want to know.

She said when she finally had the test she discovered that she did have the first stages of breast cancer.

She said she immediately began treatments that she described as a journey.

She said she was helped through her treatment by her faith in God and support from family and friends.

Since her recovery Abrams said she has joined other survivors who mentor cancer patients through their journey.

She said the first diagnosis is the most important because early detection helps the cure. She said men have been known to have breast cancer as well.

She said the group helps patients know “you are never alone; you have God.”

Abrams encourages all patients to “walk in hope.”