Woman arrested for talking trash on Facebook Live

   A Monroe woman was arrested for talking trash on Facebook as the police officer watched!
   Delia T. Toston, 23, of 3501 Bon Aire Drive, was arrested on Tuesday, October 31 for violating a protective order issued by a judge that ordered her not to talk trash about the victim on social media.
   In spite of the order, Toston was arrested at 1:30 a.m. in the morning for talking trash about the victim on Facebook Live. The victim called the police to report the incident. While the police officer was in the victim’s home he observed Toston on Facebook talking negatively about the victim and her family.
   The victim said Toston called her family names and spreaded rumors about them. 
   The victim then showed the officer protective order #45780 signed by District Judge James Stephens prohibiting Toston from making any public postings about the victim.
   Toston was located and arrested.