Video of Christmas night club shooting shows panic, gunfire

Club Nuvvo is a popular hangout for young adults to party and have fun, but Christmas night the sounds of gunfire turned the entire evening into a horror event to get away from, rather than a fun place to go to.

As the young adults crowded the dance floor and enjoyed themselves the sound of a gunshot resulted in a panic as attendees began to scream and run for cover. Cell Phone videos of some attendees showed the seconds before the shooting and then the mad scramble for cover. A second cell phone video shows a person fleeing the scene, apparently trying to avoid the shooting as a passenger in her car shouted “Go, Go, Go. They shooting folks,”
As the driver attempted to start her car, what sounded like about ten gunshots shots could be heard on the video as the passenger yelled, “Go, Go, Go, Go!”

According to police, the incident happened at Club Nuvvo at around 11:50 p.m. on Christmas night.

The police preliminary investigation revealed that an argument started inside the club that lead to an unknown suspect pulling a gun and firing multiple shots.


Three victims were shot. One person was shot in the foot and the other two sustained injuries to the thigh area.

The investigation is ongoing.