Subway owner confronts second black customer; no police warnings

Subway owner threatens second black customer in two years; a 2018 incident resulted in baseball bat threats against Black man who washed his hands in his bathroom without buying anything. NAACP investigating.

Another Black youth has reportedly been threatened by the owner of a local Subway Store, prompting social media concern about why the National subway chain, supports what many consider to be racist behavior by a franchise owner that is shielded by white police officers.

The latest incident happened on September 14th after 26-year-old Danny Walker attempted to make a purchase at a Subway Shop at 1400 Lamy Lane.
According to a police report, Walker and the store’s owner Stephen McGee engaged in a verbal altercation after Walker twice refused to pull his pants up in the business.

The report said McGee asked Walker to leave his shop more than five times. Finally, Walker began to leave. Upon exiting Walker told police that he stopped at the door and asked employees why he was asked to leave. He said he left the business and was about to get in his car when McGee followed him and b…


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