Salvation Army Shelter reopens

   Darrell Miller is proud of the new kitchen facilities at the Salvation Army homeless shelter on Hart Street. Miller, the shelter’s chief cook is part of the new team at the new shelter which reopened last week.

   The shelter closed for several months due to deteriorating conditions at the site and lack of funding, but an infusion of help and funds help revitalize the facility and last week it re-opened with facilities to house up to 47 people.

   According to officials, the new and improved shelter will provide 19 beds for women and 28 beds for men.

   Captain Jerome Casey says its more than a building, it’s about being there for those who don’t have a support system.

   Monroe has a large homeless community that is virtually invisible in daylight hours. However, as it approaches 5 p.m. when the shelter opens, lines begin to form as people come from all directions to get a place to sleep for a night. Residents can only live in shelter one day at a time.