Residents split over Southside tax issue, Rep. Hunter opposed

Rep. Hunter says tax may be challenged because it is not well thought out and places an unfair burden on Southside hotels for the next 30 years.

A two percent tax on Southside hotels is expected to generate funds to expand business opportunities in South Monroe, but if the Free Press online poll is any indicator or public sentiment, the tax’ promoters need to pump up the volume on its efforts to sell the idea.

   What’s making that more difficult for proponents is the fact that the man who represents South Monroe in Baton Rouge, Marcus Hunter, is opposed to it because it imposes a 30-year tax that might prevent growth over the next three decades, and will probably be challenged in court before the first dime is collected.

   The tax will be on the November 18th ballot along with several tax initiatives by the City of Monroe. 

   The tax is seen as a way to spur business development in South Monroe by providing funds for acquisition of property and roadways that would be incentives to prospective businesses.  

   The Free Press online poll reveals that most


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