Resident complains about bedbugs in senior complex

The Monroe Housing Authority is an award-winning program that has been heralded around the nation for excellence, but there is one pesky problem that defies all attempts to solve; the presence of bed bugs!

One resident of Francis Towers in Downtown Monroe says she has complained to everyone she knows, but she feels like she is being dismissed because she is old.

Johnnie Smith, 71, lives in an apartment in Francis Towers. She says she is proud of the housing unit, but the presence of bed bugs in her bed, sofa and other areas of her apartment are becoming more than an irritation; they are threatening her health and driving her crazy.

William Smart, director of the MHA, said one of his first steps as the new director was to meet with the residents of Frances Towers and explain that there are several ongoing problems that he will be addressing, one of them being the bedbug problem.

Smart became the new

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