Reports trace campaign money trail; many fined for filing violations

In political campaigns, “follow the money” could be a guide to voters as they evaluate candidates in political campaigns. State Ethics laws require candidates for public office to list the names of every donor to political campaigns or face fines of that can be as much as $100 a day for non-compliance.

As of Wednesday, neither police Jury candidate for District D had filed the required reports and have been notified by State Ethics Board of the non-compliance. Anna Reed and Rev. Micheal Thompson both have been cited for non-compliance. Reed is facing fines of $900 or more from her run for city school board and Thompson says he hasn’t been notified of any fines, yet but filed his initial report on Tuesday of this week, well past the deadline.

In the Police Jury District F, only Verbon Muhammad and Roland Edwards filed reports, others candidates: Clifford Thomas, Lonnie Hudson, Donnie Bright and Sonja Schaffer, have not filed reports.

Muhammad’s report showed no campaign donations received and nothing spent on his campaign. Edwards reported loaning $1166 to his campaign and spending it all on signs.

The fines for non-compliance never go away and are actionable by Board of Ethics as a civil debt that can be collected in court. Area politicians who are listed on the Ethics Board’s website for outstanding debts included: Tony Little, related to his 2008 campaign for mayor, $16,989.27; Juanita Woods, relating to a 2016 city council bid, $3,806.14;Gerald Brown, relating to a 2016 mayoral run, $3,269.04; Rev. Rodney McFarland, Sr. relating February 2019 filings, $1,620.00; Betty Cooper, $1,040 related to a 2018 school board filing; Steve Hunter, relating to a 2012 Mayoral bid, $833.30; Betty Blakes, relating to a 2016 city council bid, $400.00; and Eddie M. Clark, for a 2009 Filing that was 100 days late, $200 balance from an initial $400 fine.
Candidates are required to file reports detailing finances 30 days prior to an election, 10 days prior to an election and a final report after an election. Fines accrue daily to a maximum of $10,000 per instance.
Louisiana law prohibits persons who owe fines or failed to comply with campaign finance disclosure rules from holding public office in the future. The Ethics website notes that candidates for office must not “owe any outstanding fines, fees or penalties pursuant to the Campaign Finance Disclosure Act, if any were previously due.”
All candidates for State Representative for District 16 filed reports as of the September 11th, thirty-day reporting.

Their reports show the following:

Daryll Berry, as of September 11, 2019. Reported $4,400.
Mr. Berry reported that in 2018 he worked for three months as a small business relationship manager at Century-Link. The remainder of the year he reported that he was unemployed. He reported that his income is $9,600 a year from the city school board and his wife’s social security Disability check. He reported that he began work for the Ouachita Parish School Board as a substitute teacher in March 2019. He reported that he is not an officer in any organization, business or non-profit. He reported that his wife owns a piece of property in the Booker T. Neighborhood. He reported that he has no investments and owes no debt.
Income reported for his campaign came from the following sources:
One Donor gave $1,250.00;
Three $500 donors: Mayfield Chiropractic, Manning Investment, LLL, John L. Luffey, Jr.;
Two $300 donors: John F. Jones, Governor’s Cigar and Pipe;
Five $250 donors: Wood Energy, LLC, William “Bill” Willson, The Lawrence Law Firm, Raymond Armstrong, Dan Holt;
Two $200 Isam Berry, Jr; William R. Boles; Sampo Contracting and Inspections.

Charles Bradford, as of September 12, 2019
. $1,200.00

Mr. Bradford noted that he is retired and his wife is disabled. He reported that he has a 100% interest in three Morehouse Parish Businesses: Bastrop Retail Development, LLC, which attempts to bring business to the underserved; B and B Entertainment Productions, LLC, a Bastrop company that promotes religious entertainment; and Bastrop Community Development Housing Development. He reported that he holds positions in two Bastrop religious organizations: Seeking God Ministry and the North Morehouse Singing Union. He owns a home in Morehouse Parish (less than $100,000 as well as three acres of land valued at less than $25,000). His wife owns a piece of Morehouse Parish property worth less than $25,000. One $1000 donor: Louisiana Realtors Political Action Committee (Baton Rouge). He did not file forms showing present income sources.
His campaign contribution sources are reported as:
One Loan to Campaign: 1050.00 (Charles Bradford)
One $100 Donor: Larry Prater

Two $50 Donors: Melvin Anderson (Bastrop) Linda Logan (Bastrop)

Alicia Calvin, as of September 11, 2019. Reported $13,501

 Miss Calvin reported that she is an elementary school teacher in Morehouse Parish who earns less than $25,000 a year. She also listed employment with the Louisiana Association of Educators where she earns between $25,000 and $100,000 a year; and the Progressive Campaign Committee in Washington D.C. where she earns less than $5,000 a year. She reported that she does not hold any offices in business or non-profit organizations. She does not own any property, hold any investments or owe any debts according to her report.
Her campaign contribution sources are as follows:
One $1,500 donor: The Law Firm of Eddie Clark and Associates

Two $1000.00 Donor: Friends of Kevin Parker Campaign (New York), Laura Hennen;
One 750 Donor: Kea, Inc
Four $500 Donation: Advanced Practice Associates, Christian Creed, House of Judah International, Inc., James Boatner, III Ministries;
One $300 Donation: Hodges Properties
Five $250 Donor:Absolute Care; Barry D. Hunter (Dallas), Mandy Landry (New Orleans); Jack Norman (West Monroe), R.L. Traylor Enterprises,
Three $200 Donar: Melissa Fourney (Baton Rouge); Harold McCoy
, Chad Sharpe (Alexandria, La)
One $150 Donar: Kate Magsamen (New Orleans)
Eleven $100 donors: Nancy Aronson (New Orleans)Amoy Barnes, (New York) James Davis, Nadine Domond (New Jersey)James Duffy (Maryland), Marquise Goodwin (Ohio); Victor Marhall (Maryland), Trovae Profice (New Orleans),Allen Richey (Baton Rouge), Julie Harris (New Orleans), Irene Stephens (Washington DC)
One $75 donor: Odis Hill;
Seven $50 Donor: Mary Barchetto (New Jersey), Kwesi Chappin (Maryland),Brendan Csaposs (Baton Rouge), Eddie Douzart; Kathryn Keohane (New York), Mandy Landry (New Orleans), Isaak Standridge (Alabama)
Nine $25 Donor: Hannah Bowen (Mass.), Tyrant Garrett (Ruston)Deborah Cooksey (Minden) Maria Harmon (Lake Charles); Francesca Davenport (Arcadia), Alvin Jones (Texas), Alvin Jones (Texas), Vela Malone (Quitman), Latwyla Mathia (South Carolina)
One $20 Donor: Troy Riley (New Orleans)
One $15 Donor: Dewayne Bickham (Texas);
Two $10 Donors: Bambi Polotzola (Opelousas),Bambi Polotzola (Opelousas)
One $5.00 donor: Louquyanta Foster (Ruston); Charles Metcalf (Supher, La),Ashley Rushing (Ruston)
One $1 donor: Elizabeth Florek (Virginia)

Frederick “Fred” Jones. Reported $20,939.00

 Fred Jones noted that his primary source of income is from the Jones Law Group, and the income of his wife who is a physical therapist. He indicated that he is an officer of the Word of Life Full Gospel Baptist Church. He noted that he owns a home with a $275,000 fair market value. He reported that he receives approximately $32,400 a year as an attorney for the 4th District Public Defender’s office. He and his wife each earn between $25,000 and $100,000 in annual income. He has no investments or debts, according to his filing. He does not hold office in any organization.
His campaign contributors as of September 11, 2019, are:
Five $2,500 Donors: West Carroll Health Systems (Oak Grove), Johnny B. Patterson, Patterson and Associates, Charles D. Jones, Elite Health Care Alliance

Five $1000 Donors: The Clark Company, Ronald McDonald, Sandra Jones, William Bradford (Shreveport), Absolute Care, Inc.
Three $500 Donors: Benjamin Jones, J Rapp Investments, New Health Chiropractor
Two $300 Donors: Louisiana Nursing Home (Baton Rouge), Dave Sellers,
One $250 Donor: Lydia Jackson (Shreveport)
One $200 Donors: G & H Enterprises
Eight $100 Donors: James Bradford (Jonesboro), David’s Mobile Detailing, Freddie Down, Dorea Flintroy, Shelia Howell, Sharilyn Loche, Dorothy Minor, Pelican Diagnostics (West Monroe)
Two $40 Donor: Laura Dooley, Erin Holt (West Monroe)
One $29 Donor: Free Spirit Cleaning
One $20 Donor: Richard Robinson

Police Jury candidates F

Verbon Muhammad – No. Income.

Mr. Muhammad indicated that he is a bus driver for Mayo Tours (Between $5,000 and$25,000) and an intake representative for Vantage Healthcare (Between $25,000 and $100,000). He indicated that he does not own any offices or positions in any business or non-profit organization. He reported that he owns no property and receives no income from any other sources. He reported that he owes no debts.

Roland Edwards, -Loan to campaign $1166.

   Mr. Edwards said his only income comes from his wife’s employment as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant. He said he holds no positions in any business or nonprofit organization and neither does he hold an office in any organization. He said he draws Social Security, but has income from an unidentified source that ranges from $25,000 to $100,000 a year. He said he owns no property and has no investments or debt.
He reported that his campaign has one donation which came from a personal loan he made to the campaign and spent it with Aubrey’s Graphics for signs.