Poll: Most readers opposed water rate increases, too much

  Mayor Jamie Mayo wants to increase water rates by 75% over two years, but a Free Press online poll shows an overwhelming majority of our readers are opposed to the idea.
  The mayor is proposing a rate increase to modernize the water system. He has proposed a 35 percent increase in water rates for this year and a 40% increase for next year, and cost of living increases every year thereafter that would kick in automatically.

  The majority of respondents to the poll indicated that they opposed the rate increase (81 percent). Some (42 percent) believe that the 75 percent is too much and will cause a burden on the poor. Others feel the increase is more than is necessary to upgrade the water system (39 percent).
  There were some however, who supported the increase (19 percent). Some were philosophical, they indicated that the price of everything is going up and water fees will rise too (11 percent). There was a small number that believe that the increase is necessary to avoid the alternative which is bad water. (8 percent).