Pat Moore is best choice for State Representative

Pat Moore, #3, is our choice for State Representative for District 17 because she has proven to be accessible and effective in her public service.

Voters will make a choice on March 30, 2019, to select a State Representative for District 17; we think the better choice is Pat Moore.

In our opinion, Mrs. Moore has proven herself to be diligent, fair and open to suggestion during her 12 years as a member of the Ouachita Parish Police Jury. We have not always agreed with her on every issue, but we have agreed more than we have disagreed.

We have never disagreed with her on matters related to the poor and downtrodden of our area.

She has worked tirelessly to help improve our community and always seeks input from the clergy, officials and the general public before making decisions without respect to race, creed or party affiliation.

She has shown repeatedly that through hard work and tireless work that she can acquire funds and focus the attention of agencies and bureaucracies on problems of our area.

We think she is the better choice and wholeheartedly recommend her to voters who have not made a decision.