Old Chief reappointed as new interim chief for Monroe Police

   There is a new chief of police for the City of Monroe, but the new interim chief is actually the old permanent chief, who has been asked to step out of retirement and hold down the job while the new mayor looks for a new permanent chief.
Mayor Friday Ellis has announced the appointment of Eugene Ellis as the new interim Chief of Police for the Monroe Police Department.
Chief Ellis will replace Reggie Brown who has served as Interim Chief since February 2020.
Brown’s removal as the interim chief, is another in a growing list of administrative changes initiated by the Ellis administration since taking office. Several highly placed department leaders have been asked to resign or were terminated and walked off the job by city marshals. Most of those being replaced were among those who actively campaigned against Mayor Ellis in the 2020 mayoral elections.
The Civil Service Board, as allowed by state law, voted on July 28 to extend the interim position for an additional 90 days. The decision whether to appoint, or who to appoint as, an Interim Chief is at the discretion of the Mayor.
“On behalf of the City, we would like to thank Reggie Brown for his service as Interim Chief during these past several months. We appreciate his leadership during the pandemic, the tornadoes, and the day-to-day operations of MPD,” said Mayor Ellis.
Chief Ellis retired from the Monroe Police Department in January 2020 after 33 years of service.
His appointment as Interim Chief will be effective August 1, 2020.
“Chief Ellis is a familiar and respected officer with the MPD and has served as Interim Chief in the prior administration. He has graciously agreed to serve once again and brings more than 30 years of solid law enforcement experience and leadership to the position,” Mayor Ellis said.
“He is stepping in at an important time as we continue our process and search for a permanent chief of police.”