New district maps for city council could mean 4th Black council member

NAACP says over 800 Blacks have moved into city council district two while hundreds of whites have moved out. It could mean a fourth seat on the city council. Meetings planned for next week.

Every ten years since 1980, the Monroe City Council has had to readjust its council districts to represent the city’s population fairly. As the city’s Black Population increases, the African-American council members have traditionally pushed to change council districts to best represent the minority presence in the city population.

However, this year the African-American members of the council placed a plan on the council agenda last month that would have, for the first time, reduced minority chances of obtaining a 4th seat on the city council.

After rumblings of protest from the NAACP and state legislators, to name a few, the controversial redistricting plan was removed from the council agenda, and some council members…

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