Minden Police beat, kick man while autistic grandchild watches

MINDEN: “They beat and punched this man while he was down,” said Monroe Attorney Charles D. Jones as he described a police abuse of force action against a Minden man stricken with seizures.

Jones, the attorney for Robby Bailey,53, of Minden, La., said local black leaders in Minden are upset that Bailey was the victim of kicks and punches by as many as five Minden Police officers last week.

“Ironically, as the nation was coming to grip with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, literally the same type of abuse is happening in our state, fortunately, no one died,” said Jones.

The Minden Police Department says the incident happened on Thursday, April 15, when two police officers spotted Bailey on the ground.

According to one family member, Sharon Kinsey, Bailey often has seizures that are uncontrollable. She said he falls on the ground, shakes, mourns, jumps out of windows, and beats on…

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