Mildred Robinson celebrated 100 years

When asked what her secret is to living 100 years, she took her time and responded with a question:  “What is the greatest commandment?”   Then she answered, “To love the Lord, thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. LOVE is the secret.  Love and kindness toward one another and obeying God’s Word are very important.”  “Don’t forget to pray and look up to the Good Master” is what she continuously stresses to her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren and all who cross her path.

Mildred Robinson is a warm, soft-spoken, compassionate, patient, and hospitable woman of God.  She has always been and continues to be a model virtuous woman.   Her unconditional love and warm touch have impacted the lives of many generations.  MaDea, as she is so affectionately called by her family, is gentle and has a sweet quiet spirit, BUT she is firm and adamant about living a righteous life.  Upholding moral values, being positive, and never complaining, Mrs. Robinson is a tireless warrior for the Lord.  She regularly studies her Bible when she is unable to make it to church.  She ministers and offers sound spiritual advice, words of spiritual encouragement, Godly wisdom, warm meals, and soft warm comforting hugs to all who are willing to receive.

She was married to the late Percy Robinson, Sr for 50 years.  They have 10 children (7 spouses); 29 grandchildren (11 spouses); 72 great-grandchildren (12 spouses); 58 great-great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Robinson always knew the importance of being independent and even after 100 years of living on this earth, she perseveres.  Her mind is sharp, memory is good, she lives in her own home, she cooks for herself, and she continues to move around independently. When asked about her childhood and upbringing, she responded, “Baby, I had a pretty good life, and I won’t complain.”  We commend and honor Mrs. Robinson for 100 years of life.

Mrs. Robinson celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends.  She even had a surprise visit from Mayor Mayo and was pinned Honorary Mayor of Monroe for a day.  “Y’all made my day. Thank you for coming”, she graciously said.