McFarland makes good on promise to embarrass NAACP

 “We were disappointed with the disrespect shown to us.” Those were the words of NAACP president Rev. Ambrose Douzart after School board president Rodney McFarland reportedly delivered on a promise to embarrass the NAACP at Wednesday night’s school board meeting.

   The NAACP is preparing to file a motion in federal court to join the plaintiffs in the Federal civil rights suit titled “Jimmy Andrews vs the Monroe City Schools. The suit, which was filed by black community residents 53 years ago has held the district’s feet to the fire and forced it to completely desegregate. 

   Although five decades have passed, the district is still being forced to take actions to completely desegregate the system.

   The school board, led by Rev. Rodney McFarland and Superintendent Brent Vidrine have asked the court to


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