Marie Brown announces bid for Monroe Mayor in April

For years, Marie Brown has been an activist, attending city council meetings as an advocate for the poor. About a year ago, she started telling friends that she would run for Mayor in April of 2020.

A few months ago, she started hosting meetings and posting signs all over the City, announcing her intentions.

This week, she formally announced her candidacy for Mayor in the April 2020 election.

Her formal announcement reads as follows: “I am very excited to announce my candidacy for the Office of Mayor.

I Love Monroe, and it will be a great honor and privilege to serve the citizen of our City.

This is my first time running for public office, and I am prepared to bring positive change and growth to Monroe. I believe that now is a better time than ever to bring new faces, new initiatives, progressive thinking, and community action to our city government.

As a Citizen, I consider myself very fortunate to live and work in this great City, but I am saddened by the amount of division between our politicians and our citizens. It’s going to take all of us, both Citizens and Politicians working together towards a better City.

When it comes to infrastructure, we must expect more. A lot of our infrastructure is aging and in need of immediate attention. Some of our most essential assets, such as our stormwater system and road repairs are overdue for upgrades. We have a funding source, and this is how we get it done with Jobs and prudent use of our taxes.

I pledge to fight for more:

  •  Jobs
  • Economic Development
  • Education, Housing and Poverty Issues
  • Crime Rate Reduction
  • Longer Public Transportation Hours
  • Arts and Culture

Now it’s time for us to get to work. If you believe in Monroe as I believe in Monroe, then please join me as volunteers today – so we can start off strong.

I look forward to seeing you on this campaign trail because WE LOVE MONROE!