Man arrested at Walmart for refusing mask; assaults officer

   The governor has mandated that all citizens wear a mask in public, but one man’s refusal to obey the mandate led to an exchange that has landed him in jail.

   West Monroe Police arrested 64-year old Ricky Taylor Tuesday after his refusal to wear a mask in the West Monroe Walmart resulted in Taylor being arrested on three charges

    According to arrest reports, around 6:45 PM Tuesday WPD was called to the store to deal with Taylor who challenged the store’s policy of requiring customers to wear a mask.

    The report stated that the officer offered Taylor a mask so he could comply with the store rule, but began cursing at the officer inside the store and saying, “You can’t make me wear a f***ing mask.”

    At that point, the officer let Taylor know that he was being placed on a trespassing notice and must leave.

   According to the report, the officer asked for Taylor’s driver’s license as he was leaving, but Taylor refused and stated, “I could give it to you but I’m not.”

Taylor reportedly got into his vehicle and refused to identify himself to the officer. As the officer was taking down Taylor’s license plate number, Taylor allegedly backed his vehicle up and struck the officer twice.

   When questioned why he would not wear a mask, Taylor stated he could not wear a mask due to a medical condition. He said he did not see the officer behind his vehicle.

The officer reported that he did not fall down but did lose his balance after the vehicle made contact with him.

Taylor was arrested and taken to the Ouachita Correctional Center. He was booked on the following charges: Disturbing the Peace / Language / Disorderly Conduct 2)Aggravated Assault with a Motor Vehicle Upon a Peace Officer 3)Resisting an Officer