Macs Fresh Market “open borders ad” sparks controversy

Owners says it’s not about Trump or Pelosi, it’s about Jesus


A Louisiana Grocery Chain has sparked controversy across social media when it posted a message about walls and open borders in its grocery ads that many are calling racist.

Macs Fresh Market which operates stores in Monroe, West Monroe as well as other areas. The store’s own


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1 thought on “Macs Fresh Market “open borders ad” sparks controversy”

  1. I agree with Mac’s Fresh Market. If this world isn’t our home, then we are immigrants. Also we can’t enter into Heaven any kind of way. There are restrictions and policy when entering into the kingdom of God. Hell is an open border because it will accept and allow anyone in regardless. That is something to think about. Black people need to stop taking things as “Racism or Racist”. We’re going to miss out because we are “closed minded”. There’s nothing “racist” about Heaven or Hell.

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