Local attorney to be highlighted in cable TV documentary Monday

  A Documentary featuring a case handled by local Attorney Carol D. Powell Lexing and Benjamin Crump called “Sugartown” that will premiere on Monday August 6, 2018 on the Investigation Discovery Channel known as the I.D. channel. 
   “Sugartown” tells the story of 22-year old Victor White III, a minister’s son who was fatally shot in the back of a police car. 
   The official story– that he somehow committed suicide immediately prompted suspicion, leading to it being labeled “the Houdini handcuff suicide”.
   Lexing has been on investigative teams of police issues across the country. She was part of Jena Six legal team and shooting deaths of others across the country.
   Lexing’s role as the family attorney will be included in the documentary. Local viewers using Xfinity can see it a at 7 p.m. on Cable channel 111 Monday night.