Lexing says Brown forced to take flawed polygraph in lawsuit

Was former Police Chief Reggie Brown wrongfully terminated as a member of the Monroe Police Department?

Famed Civil Rights attorney Carol Powell Lexing says Brown is the victim of a political assassination in the wake of the 2020 Mayoral election. Lexing says Brown has been thrown under the bus, falsely accused by the city, and wrongfully terminated by the Civil Service Board.

Lexing, who is frequently on defense teams of high profile cases across the USA, says Brown will ultimately win his fight with the local Civil Service Board and win his job back. Lexing was a member of the defense team for George Floyd that won a $9 million settlement that gathered national attention. She boasts with pride that she rarely loses.

Brown’s problems began in April of 2020 when a reported homeless man, Timothy Williams, complained that the MPD…

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