Labor and Education groups endorse Fred Jones

As election day draws near next month, one candidate for State Representative has received our prestigious endorsements from four different state organizations representing teachers and labor.

Attorney Fred Jones, a candidate for House District 16, received endorsement Tuesday from: All affiliated unions of the AFL-CIO in District 16; The Louisiana Association of Educators Fund for Children and Public Education; Monroe Federation of Teachers and School Employees; and Democrats for Education Reform.

Sandra Lollie, President of the Federation of teachers said Jones has “excellent communication skills. In addition, he is extremely reliable and a man of his word. He has the ability to think for himself and is able to follow through to get things done. He is also knowledgable of the laws of the state.”

Shane Riddle, administration of the LAE fund noted that the organization supports persons “who have clearly demonstrated their commitment to children and public education.”

Eva Kemp, state director of the DFER, said her organization has endorsed Jones and will making a campaign contribution. DFER promotes the use of more charter schools, school funding and stricter teacher evaluations in the state.

Louis Reine AFL-CIO announced the groups endorsement of Jones on Monday. Reine said all members of the AFL-CIO unions in District 16 will be supporting Jones election bid.

District 16 is a predominately Black and Democratic District that spans from Monroe’s Booker T. Community into Bastrop. It has over 25,000 registered voters, of whom 67 percent are black, 59% are Democrats and 17% are Republicans.

The seat was formerly held by Katrina Jackson, who ran unopposed for Senate District 34.

Jones is the son of former Senator Charles D. Jones and brother of former Representative Rosalind Jones.