Gallot: No fee increases for GSU students

Today, during a special meeting with the Executive Committee, the Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System, Grambling State University President Rick Gallot learned that tuition rates for students across the state would remain stable, however, universities could increase fees.  Some fees could range from $98 to $212 per semester. Gallot, along with the president of the University of New Orleans, has decided not to implement fee increases.

Gallot said that he is confident that the business community and alumni will continue to contribute to the university in such a way that will prevent the need to increase fees on students.

“I know that our students should not be burdened with additional costs as many of them struggle to stay in school. We need more of them to stay in school, and we need more students to decide to attend Grambling State. Additional fees might hurt those decisions,” Gallot said.

The newcomer president has been very active in changing not only the perspective of Grambling, but the look of it as well. Under his helm at university leadership, he and his team will usher in a $1.8 million upgrade to the Eddie Robinson Football Stadium. Announced in May 2017 of the potential bonus this could bring to prospective students, the project is a sign that Grambling, despite the financial woes of the state, is still moving forward. With a partnership with Origin Bank, Coca-Cola, and the Eddie Robinson Foundation, the new turf facility will be a great addition to the Gallot legacy as president. It’s an image that Coach Broderick Fobbs thinks will be branding.

“It’s a huge brand, and if you’re a huge brand and a successful brand, your field and facilities should mirror image that,” Fobbs told reporters. The university expects the field to be completed in August.

With the upgrades to the fields and worries about state funding for education, Gallot wants students to rest assured, knowing that he has no plans to increase fees for the upcoming school semester. However, he is pushing the campaign to continue fundraising efforts.

“We have an important fundraising campaign launching soon, and we need everyone who says they love GSU and bleed black and gold to support this effort,” Gallot said.


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