Former city councilman John Smith Dies

John Smith, a community servant who spent a lifetime in service to the community, died Sunday after a lengthy illness.

A man who devoted a lifetime to community service, died Sunday after a lengthy illness.

John Smith, a prominent civic leader, and educator died Sunday morning after a lengthy illness.

Smith was a former member of the Monroe City Council. In 2001 he was appointed to serve as a councilman for District 5, after Jamie Mayo vacated the seat to become mayor.

Smith also served as principal of J.S. Clark Elementary School and as a supervisor of education for the Monroe City Schools.

He served as an influential member of several city committees including the Community Development Block grant committee which recommended funding for community-based projects that ranged from housing to community services to the needy.

He was a devoted family man, and churchman, who gave of himself to help youth, the elderly and the homeless.

Funeral arrangements are pending.