Amazon Movie’s love theme promotes GSU & SU; features local talent

A movie that promotes a love story and the legacy of Grambling and Southern Universities has now been picked up by Amazon and is available for Prime subscribers and others.

   In 2018, New Orleans filmmaker and author, Ro Wright, directed a love story about a man from Grambling who fell in love with a woman who went to Southern University. Wright (a Monroe native) called on Reginald Robinson to play the leading role. Robinson (a Monroe native also, now residing in Atlanta) has enjoyed major success in the past few years, having scored roles in Tyler Perry’s The Have & The Have Nots, CW’s Black Lightning, Queen Sugar, and most recently a new show featuring Paula Patton for BET Plus.

  The story follows an entrepreneur who falls in love with a woman seemingly out of his league. His best friend tries to prepare him for a real relationship but nothing is ever good enough for the lovely Alaina Boudreaux, played by model Jennifer Jacobs (a Shreveport native now residing in Houston). Boudreaux is a career social worker in the middle of a big public case where a wrongfully convicted felon needs her assistance to purge his way through the harsh reality of life after prison. Boudreaux is distracted from her career when a man from her rival college relentlessly steals her heart and attention. Tomme Denny (New Orleans) plays “JJ’, who is a High School football star with an opportunity to play at Grambling but he rejects the opportunity because he doesn’t believe an HBCU can position him for the NFL. Robinson ends up mentoring the kid while winning the affection of his love interest.

   The movie is an adaptation from a book written by Wright in 2014 entitled, Get The Ring Keep The Ring. “It was my highest-selling book at the time and my wife and I always talked about bringing it to life,” said Wright, who teamed up with his partner and brother in the industry, Gerald Wright, to produce the film. Initially, they wanted the film to attract people to their own network, Congo TV Network, which launched in 2017 but due to America’s new streaming war, smaller independent networks all over the country have struggled to sustain themselves against the million dollar corporate platforms such as Amazon, Youtube, Hulu, and Disney. “We knew we had a good product but we didn’t have the capita to present it to our target audience,” said Gerald Wright (of Orlando, FL but also a Monroe Native.)

The entire cast of this film were all Louisiana actors, singers, and comedians. Get The Ring is now available for free on Amazon Prime. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription, the film can be rented or purchased through Amazon as well. Amazon Prime has more than 100 Million subscribers.