Town of Richwood Minutes


Town of Richwood Minutes
Regular Meeting
March 20, 2014

The Board of Alderman of the Town of Richwood held their regular meeting at the Richwood Multi-Purpose Center on March 20, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

Mayor Alvin Jackson called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m., and Alderman Brown led the prayer. The pledge of allegiance was in unison. Mayor Jackson called roll and the meeting began.

Present: Alderwoman Davis, Alderman Profit, Alderman Brown
Tardy: None
Absent: Alderman Cleveland, Alderwoman Keys

There were no public comments as they related to items on the agenda

Agenda upon motion of Alderman Brown, seconded by Alderman Profit was approved for adoption by unanimous vote.

Prior Minutes upon motion of Alderman Brown, seconded by Alderman Profit, was approved for adoption by unanimous vote.

Minutes upon motion of Alderman Profit, seconded by Alderman Brown, was approved for adoption by unanimous vote.


Mayor Jackson opened the floor to the following guest:

? Ronny C. Haisty Jr., RCH Company Inc. (Engineer)

Street Project
Mr. Haisty reported that the construction on Althea, Canal, and Crestwood streets will start in a few weeks. He advised that this will be rehabilitation, meaning they will break the street down and build it back up and overlay, as well as fix the curving. Resident Mr. Patrick asked will the driveway be fixed. Mr. Hasisy stated they are supposed to stop at the curve, if they have to fix the curve they will have to fix the driveway. Alderman Brown asked how long you think it will take to complete the project. Mr. Haisty advised it should be completed in 90 days.

MLK Sewer Line Extension
Mr. Haisty reported there are about four homes on MLK Drive that have been without sewer for a long time, and through grants funds are now available to provide sewer to those homes. Mayor Jackson asked Mr. Haisty to verify that the project is going all the way up to the houses and make the connection. Mr. Haisty advised that was correct and drainage around ditches between the homes that flows into a canal will be clean out as well. Resident Mrs. Freeman asked about a tentative date the project will start. Mr. Haisty advised the project should begin in a month. Alderman Davis inquired about a sewer line without a cap. Mr. Hasity asked to provide an address and he will look into it. Resident Mr. Patrick informed they have the same problem on Canal St. Mr. Haisty advised the will look into this as well.

Resident Bell stated that the original plan was not to have ditches, so cleaning them out is farfetched. He stated that Richwood need to be like North Monroe where there are sidewalks and no ditches. Mr. Haisty asked if the town has an ordinance in place that new development will have to have curving and gutter etc. Mayor Jackson advised the town already have one in place.

Discussion of changing time of the meeting:
Mayor Jackson stated due to the Council no longer have pre-meeting, would the Council be in favor of holding the town meeting at that time. Resident Belinda Blackmon asked why we need to change the time. Mayor Jackson stated the Town Clerk has to be here from 5pm to 7pm to setup, if the meeting starts at 6pm there wouldn’t be a space between the time she get off and the time the meeting start. Resident Belinda Blackmon advised if you can move the meeting back to 6pm can you request that Ms. Jolla be at the meeting. Mayor Jackson advised that is not Ms. Jolla’s job. Alderman Profit requested this matter be table until all member of council is present. Item 10 is tabled.

Citizen Participation:
Resident Bell stated that he was informed that the Town was trying to pass a bill forcing residents to obtain garbage through a company the town picked and will be force to pay $30.00 a month. He don’t believe the town has the right to dictate who they choose to pick up their garbage, because most of the residents already have someone in place to pick up their garbage for $15.00 a month.

Mayor Jackson stated he is not sure where the $30.00 a month payment came from because that is not true, but the plan is for everyone in Richwood to have garbage pickup. He advised that he does not want half of the residents with garage pick up and the other half burning. It will not be a $30.00 charge but it will be a charge, we have to clean up Richwood.

Resident Belinda Blackmon asked will this be contracted out and who will collect.

Mayor Jackson stated this will have to go out for bids. We will look into Greater Ouachita adding this to their billing.

Resident Bell stated that he have the answer to the problem, Richwood don’t need Greater Ouachita nor Entergy because he has develop a program that will eliminate those resources, and the government will provide a subsidy grant to change any house to solar panel and windmill. He advised that he will help Richwood with the grant writing for a bond, if the town wishes to proceed with his program.

Alderman Davis asked can he provide any areas that he have this setup already. Mr. Bell advised that he said he has not done it yet, that he is still working on it. Alderman Davis stated we will be your test site. Mayor Jackson stated we will get with Mr. Bell and discuss.

Resident Dennis Boston asked if there was an ordinance against piling up junk cars on residential lots. Mayor Jackson advised that the town doesn’t have a junk yard. Mrs. Boston presented pictures of her neighbor’s yard and stated that she feels as if she resides in the forgotten area of Richwood because she has made several complaints and it seem as if nothing is being done to correct this issue. Mayor Jackson advised that the Town does have an ordinance against this. Mrs. Boston also advised that her neighbor made a threat toward her to the Chief and he has it on his recorder. Mayor Jackson advised that he will get with the Chief and check into this. Mrs. Boston reiterated about the piled up cars.  Alderman Davis advised that she does empathize with her and we do have laws on the book that we have not been enforcing, but we will start and it will hurt some, but they are there for all our protection, and if we have to strengthen the ordinances we will do so.

Resident Jones stated that we have to get the garage collection in place because in his area the problem has gotten out of hand, and he has already contacted the Policy Jury, and the Town do have a Code Enforcer he just have to enforce the law.

Mayor Jackson stated if you see someone littering or piling up cars report them.

Resident Brenda Blackmon stated asphalt is scattered across Highland Road, and the Mayor need to get with OPPJ and file a complaint. Mayor Jackson advised that the Town put the asphalt down and we don’t have the proper equipment to overlay the streets. We are doing the best we can. Alderperson Davis asked if Ouachita Parish suppose to fix our streets. Mayor Jackson advised no, we fixed our streets.

Resident Boston asked when she can expect something to be done regarding her complaint. Mayor Jackson advised that we can’t give you a tangible date. Alderperson Davis advised that we will get a notice out within five working days, and if he has a business we need to look into that as well.

Resident Linda Clark asked do you think it is fair for the residents that already have sanitation service to transfer their service to the business the town chooses. Over half the residents here already have sanitation pickup. Mayor Jackson stated the sanitation provider you all have does not pay anything to the town, and we are going to put the sanitation service out for bids. Resident Linda Clark stated that her provider isn’t making a lot of money, and they also have to pay to dump it as well. Mayor Jackson stated that the town doesn’t have a sanitation dept in place, to provide to the citizens. We can’t live behind time; we have to get something in place.

Mayor Jackson asked if there was any input from the public. Let the record show there is no input from the public. Motion was made by Alderman Brown, seconded by Alderman Profit. With no further business to before Council, Mayor Jackson declared the meeting adjourned at 8:18 p.m.

Bettina Woods
Town Clerk

For extended details on the town meeting please call the Town Clerk Monday thru Friday at 318-325-4328 to schedule an appointment to listen to the minute tape.

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