Town of Richwood Minutes


Town of Richwood Minutes
Regular Meeting
February 20, 2014

The Board of Alderman of the Town of Richwood held their regular meeting at the Richwood Multi-Purpose Center on February 20, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

Mayor Alvin Jackson called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m., and Alderman Brown led the prayer. The pledge of allegiance was in unison. Mayor Jackson called roll and the meeting began.

Present: Alderwoman Davis, Alderman Profit, Alderman Brown
Tardy: Alderman Cleveland, Alderwoman Keys
Absent: None

There were no public comments as they related to items on the agenda

Agenda upon motion of Alderwoman Davis, seconded by Alderman Brown adoption of agenda was approved by unanimous vote.

Minutes were tabled by unanimous vote due to lack of detail.

Sewer Project:
Mayor Jackson informed the council the sewer extension on MLK will start from Mr. Profit’s house and extend to Ms. Potter’s. The project tentative date will begin next week, and Jabar Corporation was award the bid for the construction. The town was awarded a grant for $85,000.00, but the project went over by 3% requiring the town to make up the difference of $1,021.80.

Alderwoman Davis asked does this have to be approved by the Fiscal Administrator.

Mayor Jackson advised that we can approve this through the Council and then we will pass it along to him.

Alderwoman Davis advised that is not what he informed the Council, he advised the Council that he will make all decision involving finances.

Mayor Jackson advised that we can make our own decision.

Alderman Brown stated that Mr. Walker has veto power, but we can make decisions.

Alderwoman Davis stated that the final decision is Mr. Walker’s.

Mayor Jackson stated that he forgot to ask about the connection to the residents. He was not sure if this project included the connection to the residents or if they run the line and stud it out.

Council advised that is an important factor that they will need to know.

Mayor Jackson stated if a citizen builds a house and sewer is already there, the cost is $1,000.00 tapping fee for the resident to tie into the town, and if the resident lives on the right side MLK. If the residents are on the left side of the street the tapping fee is $3,000.00 for the residents to tie in because they have to run the pipes under the street.

Alderman Cleveland asked in regards to the residents that have been there over 20 plus years and was without sewer, can the town minimize the $1,000.00 tapping fee.

Mayor Jackson stated the town can waiver the cost for tying in. He advised that tap is going to be there, the residents will have to pay for their own material and labor.

Citizen Freeman asked if we buy the material the town will waiver the fee.

Alderwoman Davis asked if anything that runs from the residents house to the street where the tap is located to the residents are responsible for.

Mayor Jackson advised that is correct, and this shouldn’t be a problem because Mr. Hasting will work with us.

Emergency Evacuation Plan:
Mayor Jackson advised about utilizing the Richwood Multi Purpose building, and we will have to look into installing showers, if the residents have to stay overnight; therefore, we will be incompliance to being a shelter.

Alderwoman Davis asked if the town had the same available resources that Monroe and West Monroe have. She advised that we will need to get with Monroe and West Monroe for assistance and see what they have and see what we can compile to what we already have.

Mayor Jackson stated that he already spoke to someone that what we will need is a place for residents to bathe.

Alderwoman Davis asked about portable showers.

Mayor Jackson advised that he was not sure if the town can get funded for a portable shower.

Alderman Cleveland advised that the Headstart and the High School gyms have showers and that is something that we can look into.

Citizen Participation:
Mayor Jackson informed that the town lost two citizens Ms. Dorothy Cane and Ms. Martha Jackson.

Alderman Cleveland advised that Mr. Willis passed as well.

Ms. Blackman asked if the town taxes are earmarked?

Mayor Jackson advised that the funds are going to the General Fund Account.

Alderwoman Keys asked what is the percentage of what been collected from the Parish, to when the town was collecting property taxes?

Mayor Jackson advised I think they are collecting thousand more than when we were collecting.


With no further comments, the meeting adjourned at 7:29 p.m.

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