• Embracing the Flag?

  • Happy Birthday Roosevelt Wright, Jr., June 29th

    Birthdays June 25 to July 1, 2015

    Happy Birthday Roosevelt Wright, Jr., June 29th

  • Annual Men’s Day Program to be held at Peter Rock Baptist Church

  • Infant alive and well thanks to CNA student

  • Taken this year in the morning on Wednesday, June 17th

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Head Start Tug of War! Parish schools seeks control of agency; will cut services to over 200 students, pay admins big dollars!


A Community Alert!  In the summer of 1965, the Reverend P. Rayfield Brown, Leslye Thomas, A.G. Facen and others shocked the local community wh

Embracing the Flag?


   Why does the Confederate battle flag stir so much emotion among African Americans? Why are symbols of the confederacy that are so dista

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