• Shut Downs! City changes locks on private building while police watch, without a court order!

  • Stars at Excellence

  • Shepherd-Hunter to wed

  • NLEP announces the hiring of two Economic Developers

  • Annual Back to School Day services to be held at New Antioch Baptist Church

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Jonathan Hawkins (l) and DeAngelo Robinson are both complaining that the city routinely cheats them out of hours of pay by changing or disregarding their time sheets in the transit department.

They changed my time sheets! Workers claim transit company forged time sheets to cheat workers!


   A city transit mechanic says the city submitted forged payment documents to a temporary employment company that cheated both he and the

Katrina:10 years later. Many have made Monroe home!


   It’s been ten years since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans sending many natives thousands of miles away from their homes in the

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